Outdoor glamour photo shoot

Outdoor glamour photo shoot

Glamorous photoshoot outdoors it was good but it's almost done 🙂

The cold is coming! But there's still a few sessions planned in glamour but dressed. I have lived a great summer with very interesting people, great sessions, women and adorable couples. Now I will take in lingerie, swimsuit and naked sessions next year. The period will of course depend on the weather, but remember there for those here and those who might be tempted by the experience.

In the meantime sessions indoors multiply with always encounters and moments. Don't forget to book your glamorous photoshoot in the run-up to the end of the year, this year dates fill up early and quickly. So if you also want to make the most beautiful gifts and well contact me and find quickly the best date. Don't forget that for photo albums print delay is necessary so you need to book enough quickly.

I'll give all the information by message on the site or remember my Facebook also: Blueberry Corner Facebook

Glamorous photoshoot in outdoor photo shoot intimate outdoor portrait woman walking in water in a swimsuit