Why not a photoshoot for summer

Why not a photoshoot for summer

Why not a photoshoot during the summer? A session is intimate with the lightness of a fan. Take the time to a flute champagne and even why not some fruit. These sessions are even possible outside in the dark. At home, in a beautiful place and I even a space in Lyon now has.

Write me to learn a little more on this photoshoot intimate, single or couple. And join those who have already taken the step of freedom, not the pleasure and self-confidence. Do not hesitate to go see the reviews on Google and discover or rediscover the complete galleries.

Enjoy the summer or book now for autumn which is a season with strong demand. And take the time to meet with us to talk about the conduct of the meeting.

Call the boudoir session, I prefer intimate session. My work is about light and the pose that will highlight your curves. If you like my style then you will love your photos!

Soon 🙂

Blueberry Corner, intimate photography for woman and couple in Lyon