A beautiful meeting in Lyon

It is in Lyon that I met Miss S. for a charming boudoir photo shoot.

I spent a wonderful time photographing this young and beautiful mother. Yes it is true that it is very beautiful but also very enjoyable. And the least we can say is that she knows what she wants. In short she also knew flatter my ego leaving me a nice comment that I wanted to share with you here:

"A beautiful meeting and a beautiful photographic and human encounter, David was able to put me at ease listened to my requests and me I listened to his advice." A man of great respect that lets you evolve before its objective but you also advises. AND what was my surprise at the discovery of the shadow! It is everything I expected no no regrets our two ideas together gave a remarkable job! Thank you David for your confidence and your patience your listening and your work. Has very quickly to a new meeting with great pleasure."

Thank you!